by Scaredycat

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T-Ball-Bass on tracks 10-18

The first nine songs are new, followed by our early 7" and some odds and ends, including an on-air performance at KXLU. The KXLU show is not for the easily annoyed. But we couldn't put out a 10-minute CD, so please embrace the idiocy.


released August 4, 2011

Tracks 1-9 recorded June 25, 2011 at Comp'ny by Be Hussey in Los Angeles, CA. Most of the other tracks recorded by Mario between 2001-2002 in Long Beach.

Copyright 2011 Scaredycat/No Label Records



all rights reserved


Scaredycat Los Angeles, California

Speed-of-light spazz-core from Los Angeles, CA.

We started in 2001 releasing our debut album and frightening audiences up and down the state of California until 2003. We reformed in 2010 after a 7-year break and are currently killing it.

"Scaredycat are a genius of a band, with fast, pacemaker-blowing hardcore parts, stop and start time changes. Total buffoonery! Must be heard to be believed!"
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Track Name: The Last Four Months
Well I can't pretend
You're any kind of fucking friend
I get a problem getting caught in my head
When we reach the bitter end

No matter what was said that night
In the middle of the fight
I'll always come out a step ahead

I can't stop winning your insane game
It's not hard because you don't have a brain
Track Name: King Of The Lot
To all the victims
And to the volunteers
And all of the people who lost their homes
And all of the children who live in fear

Build it back
Bigger and stronger
Build it back
Don't forget where you're from
Track Name: Enemy Pie
It should have been the perfect summer

I knew how to get rid of my enemy
But we had fun he was no longer my enemy

Don’t eat the pie
It's bad pie

Don’t eat pie!
Track Name: My Demons Are Pushovers
I always get blinded
I get caught behind it
But this time I beat it
There'll be no defeated

Ready and waiting
Time to stop hating
It only gets better
Let's keep it together

I always get blinded
I get caught behind it
But this time I beat it
There'll be no defeated

Ready and waiting
Time to stop hating
Embracing my fears
With six cans of beer
Track Name: All City
Stuck in place, no matter where you think you are
You can't face, a trip that takes you fucking far
Let's get out, cover some new ground
You're just scared, you won't ever drive around

Me? I'm All City

Start tonight bring a bottle for the drive
Roll around LA, drink drive and stay alive
Track Name: Boom!
Boom! On your style

Eighty dollar jeans
And a jet black
Mod bowl cut
You look like a superstar

Boom! On your style
Track Name: The Master Cleanse
Now I look back
I guess I'm fucking mad
But it will never take away
From the times we had

Downtown bus, always thought we'd be alive
Now you're just a story that ends at 25

Time goes by
I guess I'm fucking sad
But it will never take away
From the times we had

We rose up to face the bullshit in life
Pour out a beer, keep you alive
Track Name: Venice The Menace (A Eulogy)
He thinks, he drinks
He thinks he really knows
Because he puts on brand new clothes

Take off your brand new pants
And be a fucking man
Track Name: Flag Football
You can't catch me
I'm always gonna run
Try and catch me
I'm always gonna fucking

Run! How far I said
Stop! Wasting time
Go! Where you asked
When? And then you'll know

Cut it out
Can't tell me where to go
'Cause I'm leaving
Track Name: Nice Moves
Plan, make no mistake
Enter stage left and head bang

You won't take no chances
Learn all your new dances

The moment of truth has arrived
Now, fake what's inside
Track Name: Revenge Of The Short Bus
I want to be that guy who doesn't give a shit
I want to be that guy who doesn't need to think
I know he's the fool, but he thinks he's so cool
Off the weaker feeding, he's gonna take a beating

Taking it out on him
Track Name: Brett Michaels
So you feel out of control
You don't know where to stand
Or which way you should go

Got poison in your brain.

Oh, your neuro-plumbing's clogged
Your eyes are cataracts, fogged

So many years of build up
It's blocking your pathways
Between the question and response
Track Name: Don't Stub Your Toe On The Little Guy
He's a little guy
She's a little guy
Where's the little guy?
There's the little guy
We're all little guys
Track Name: Quick To Blame T-Ball
Don't try
Can't lose

Don't take shit from anyone
You'll be okay
When told to leave you should stay

Don't let self doubt at any time
Control you mind
You'll be fine
Track Name: Halloween Is Cool
Halloween's cool
Cooler than you

Halloween's swell
Sweller than hell

Halloween's back
We'll steal your sack

Halloween's when
We'll do it again