by Scaredycat

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Fourth spazz-core release from LA hardcore heroes Scaredycat.

Review: "If you want raw, harsh, in-your-face punk with a bit of powerviolence, it’s right here. The opening track, yeah, talk about boiling the blood, especially near the end. The drums pound, they crash, the guitars snap and split right before your eyes, you can hear the bass strings about to snap like rubber bands, yeah run. has all of that going for it." - Deaf Sparrow Zine


released March 13, 2014


Music by Scott
Except 2, 9 and 11 by Boz
10 by T-Ball
For the most part, lyrics by whoever sang them.

Recorded January 18th, 2014 by Be Hussey
at Comp-ny studios in Los Angeles.

Copyright 2014 No Label Records

File under spazz-core.



all rights reserved


Scaredycat Los Angeles, California

Speed-of-light spazz-core from Los Angeles, CA.

We started in 2001 releasing our debut album and frightening audiences up and down the state of California until 2003. We reformed in 2010 after a 7-year break and are currently killing it.

"Scaredycat are a genius of a band, with fast, pacemaker-blowing hardcore parts, stop and start time changes. Total buffoonery! Must be heard to be believed!"
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Track Name: Give Me The Gold
Me and you
And you and me
Go 'round back uproot that tree
I want the gold
Give me the gold
Track Name: Fuck The Last Word
Never gonna turn and run
I've got the supertouch
I'll go have some fun

Always gonna talk this way
That shit is past me now
No need to make you pay

I'm fucking thrilled that the end is here
I'll kill it with The Cat
Drown myself in sound

You shed a tear and I'll drink more beer
It's all past me now
Time to tear it down
Track Name: Lamont
It took a long time to see it through
I killed my time and so did you
Track Name: I Can't Believe How Dope I Am!
Thinking about all the things I said
I can't believe how dope I am
Working it out, all the things in my head
I can't believe how dope I am

Drinking every day is what I did
I can't believe how dope I am
Realized I found a better way
I can't believe how dope I am
Track Name: Hit Me Back
Stand and fight, the only way
Beat it back I know what to say
It's an inside game and it's done today

Brown and Boz we've played for years
A hundred shows and a hundred beers
We've got strength for a hundred more
Doug One and Pore both know the score

Right now
Track Name: BombTime
Change is coming around the corner
Change from the top

Change is coming around the corner
Don't you want to know

I bet if you knew what you were in for
You would get up and go
But you think you can take it
This time bomb's gonna blow
Track Name: Steel Belted Rival
No time for hard drugs or hardline
Cut down and shut down in your prime
Left here loaded

Now you're out of your mind
Now you're out of control
Now you're out of your league

Gotta take what you can get
When you can get it

No time for misprints of bunk shit
Last chance to look sharp or over it
Left here loaded
Track Name: Light The Lamp
Track Name: Tips For Cultivating Contentment
You've all got to pay your way
I get in for free

You've all got to pay your way
You can't touch me