by Scaredycat

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Our 17 songs in 17 minutes debut:

"Scaredycat are a genius of a band, with fast, pacemaker-blowing hardcore punk parts, stop and start time changes and some funny vocals approaching 80's-style wails at times. Total buffoonery and must be heard to be believed! What a solid CD this is...find now!"


released February 10, 2002

Scott: Guitar, vocals
John: Drums, vocals
T-Ball: Bass, vocals

Recorded by Scott on a 4-track cassette, April Fools Day 2001.
Mastered by Matt Ferguson
Photo by Kristine Ambrose

Scott fully admits to lifting two riffs from the great Boston band, In My Eyes. Buy their stuff.

Copyright 2002 No Label Records/Scaredytoons



all rights reserved


Scaredycat Los Angeles, California

Speed-of-light spazz-core from Los Angeles, CA.

We started in 2001 releasing our debut album and frightening audiences up and down the state of California until 2003. We reformed in 2010 after a 7-year break and are currently killing it.

"Scaredycat are a genius of a band, with fast, pacemaker-blowing hardcore parts, stop and start time changes. Total buffoonery! Must be heard to be believed!"
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Track Name: (Where's The Nearest) Wal-Mart?
(You) Don’t participate
We should segregate
(You) Don’t participate
Gotta separate

You always pick up on it last
You can’t begin to think fast
Track Name: Whataguy
Spit you out, your life's in doubt
Come on step up, I want to cut you down

Get away, you really can't stay
You're such a man, I will see this through

Now's your chance to chase hot pants
Come stake your claim, you're such a fucking waste

It's Friday night, let's start the fight
You're bigger than me, but I will see this through

Gotta little dog maybe trapped in a fog
But I'm tougher than you
I'm skinny and I'm weak, maybe past my peak
But I'm tougher than you
Hide under my bed, sometimes wish I was dead
But I'm tougher than you
Track Name: Rambis
I remember drinking to stay straight
We kept it moving always one step ahead of fate
What does it feel like looking down on me?
It must be funny watching me try to keep the beat

No time for sad songs or complacency
I’ll keep on pushin’ you know HB made me see
I’m the one with the voice that brings the sound
From the crowd of stoics knocking all you motherfuckers down

How’s it feel to play the role?
You like it, but we’ll expose your game
You’ll never win, you’ve lost your way
So fuck it, we never were the same

You can’t get in me take your chance to walk away
Track Name: You're Your Biggest Fan
You're standing and looking
Looking at someone
No one feels a thing

Your biggest decision
Isn't what I'm thinking
'Cause you're so busy
Standing and looking

You're your biggest fan
Always in demand
You're your biggest fan

You're your biggest fan
Head stuck in the sand
You're your biggest fan

You're biggest decision
Isn't what I'm thinking
Track Name: One Minute Cleaning
This bullshit clouds what's in my mind
It's dark we'll leave it all behind
This feeling's cold noise is the blanket
I refuse so freeze while we wreck it

We won't keep the peace
Rise from underneath
Keep it short and sweet

Kill the apathy
It's for life, you see
Feel the need for speed


Trash your mental state
Wreck it while you wait
Accept your hardcore fate
Track Name: Existentialist Stomp
You spend your time
Wasting mine
That's it for you
Track Name: Relaxin' At The Mayfair
The Mayfair will rock you

Got my speed, my pin, my tinfoil
I'm relaxin' at The Mayfair

Day two
Don't try this at home
Track Name: Hot Pants!
Track Name: Dark Haven
You take your life and you throw it away
You take your time and you throw it away

Get a life
Live it loser
Get a life
Track Name: Vault
Tell me now what's in your heart
I swear to God it won't tear us apart
You did it, you did it to me

I didn't unlock your vault so that you'd love me
I did it because I knew I had the key
Track Name: How Many Times?
You try to quit
The problems in your life won't go away

Than at first offer
You say fuck it
Maybe I'll just do this

One more time
Two more times
One more line

Running around in circles all night
Forget it, I don't want to do this anymore
Track Name: Scaredycat
I always seem to do this shit to myself
Just add a fuckin’ sequel to the shelf
Come on, come on hurry up and tweak me out
Put out the fire and pretend it don’t mean much

Not this time
I’ll pretend I won’t skip a beat
All the while
Look at the attention you’re getting
If you choose
To drink the poison I’ve got within
You’ll learn to like it and I’ll start regretting it.

You could feed a small country with the food I’m not eating
Kids call me zombie cause you know I’m not sleeping
Never gonna learn to be the poker-faced stoic
That’s your game cause you’re soul has left you
Track Name: Ivy (She's Alright)
She's alright
She's alright
She keeps me warm at night

Kind of like a cat 'cause she's got nine lives
Miami-bred gangster she don't compromise
She's got cataracts in her eyes
Some think she's blind but she is wise

Track Name: Your Kingdom Will Crumble
Why do you think you always know the truth?
One day you'll slip and I will be there watching
And smiling to myself when you fall

You get what you give and choose
And it's nice to see you lose

You make no difference
But I do
Take your best shot
Track Name: Kip Kinkel
Line up
Fall out
Clean your sheet
C'mon boy!

Don't want to go
There's nothing there
For me to fucking see

Always the same
Mice that are blind
Looking for their cheese

I know what I'll find
No ones impressed
Still you play your little game

Sounds like Kip Kinkel
But wait what's that?
My fist your face

Kip Kinkel