This Is LA, Not The South Bay 7"

by Scaredycat

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Recorded by Mario at Skulphuk, San Pedro, Summer 2002.
Copyright No Label Records

From an out-of-print split 7" we put out with our friends, Apathetic Youth, from Inglewood, CA.

"I'm fearful yet attracted to Scaredycat because I get the feeling they've got a good sense of humor like Spazz did, but I'm not a hundred percent sure where it ends. The first song. "Flag Football," melts Iron Maiden with Charles Bronson: rippin' metal licks and the vocalist shows no fear of slipping into falsettos. But the other four tracks are straight anvils-to- the-nads, three hooks in three seconds thrash that are seemless and sound angry but have titles like "Don't Stub Your Toe On The Little Guy." Good stuff." -RAZORCAKE, Feb. 2003


released October 15, 2002




all rights reserved


Scaredycat Los Angeles, California

Speed-of-light spazz-core from Los Angeles, CA.

We started in 2001 releasing our debut album and frightening audiences up and down the state of California until 2003. We reformed in 2010 after a 7-year break and are currently killing it.

"Scaredycat are a genius of a band, with fast, pacemaker-blowing hardcore parts, stop and start time changes. Total buffoonery! Must be heard to be believed!"
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Track Name: Flag Football
You can't catch me
I'm always gonna run
Try and catch me
I'm always gonna fucking

Run! How far I said
Stop! Wasting time
Go! Where you asked
When? And then you'll know

Cut it out
Can't tell me where to go
'Cause I'm leaving
Track Name: Nice Moves
Plan, make no mistake
Enter stage left and head bang

You won't take no chances
Learn all your new dances

The moment of truth has arrived
Now, fake what's inside
Track Name: Revenge Of The Short Bus
I want to be that guy who doesn't give a shit
I want to be that guy who doesn't need to think
I know he's the fool, but he thinks he's so cool
Off the weaker feeding, he's gonna take a beating

Taking it out on him
Track Name: Brett Michaels
So you feel out of control
You don't know where to stand
Or which way you should go

Got poison in your brain.

Oh, your neuro-plumbing's clogged
Your eyes are cataracts, so fogged

So many years of build up
It's blocking your pathways
Between the question and response
Track Name: Don't Stub Your Toe On The Little Guy
He's a little guy
She's a little guy
Where's the little guy?
There's the little guy
We're all little guys
Track Name: Quick To Blame T-Ball (Bonus Track)
Don't try
Can't lose

Don't take shit from anyone
You'll be okay
When told to leave you should stay

Don't let self doubt at any time
Control you mind
You'll be fine